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Crop Sowing

Credit Services


Brief Description

It’s a Group Loan (JLG) can be availed by Farmers for Agriculture and Agri Allied Activities.

Upfront Charges

Processing Fees

1.50% + GST(for loan above ₹25k)

Lending Criteria

Loan Celling

​First Cycle : ₹10,000/- to ₹50,000/-

Second Cycle : ₹80,000/-

Third Cycle : ₹1.25 lakh

Fourth Cycle and above :₹1.60 lakh

Type of Loan

Overdraft Limit/Term Loan

Rate of Interest


Target Clients

  • Progressive Farmer having other source income such Aggregator who Aggregate the produce and Sell in the market in good Price.

  • Agriculturist Who is working in job but also passionately doing the farming.

  • Agriculturist who having business income and wants to increase scale of agricultural activity.


  • Post harvest activities to reduce the post harvest losses. ( Such as Storage of  Goods, Cleaning, Packaging etc.)

  • Value addition to increase shelf life produce. ( Such as Processing of Agricultural Produce.)

  • Farm maintenance to maintain farm Asset.

  • Farm Development to maintain farm ( Such Clearing, Levelling etc.)

  • Consumption for family expenditure.

Criteria of a Client

  • Between 18-63 years old.

  • Should be Small & Marginals Farmers (max land holding is 5.00 Acres).

  • Should be residents of the same village for minimum of last 2 years.

  • Should not have any Non- Performing Asset (NPA) account.

  • DPD more than 60 days in any live existing facility (other than Agri loan)

  • All group members in the group will have a same fig loan amount

  • AGRI/AGRI allied activity proof is mandatory

  • Proof can be in the name of family members

  • Proof details to be mentioned in English Language by the sourcing person 

  • Name of the Applicant

  • Name of the proof

  • Proof of owner name

  • Relationship between proof owner & Applicant

**Existing micro banking client, who have live MB loan with our bank are not eligible for the FIG.

Lending Methodology

Lending Model

Individual (through Group)

Mode of Repayment

Monthly EMI Collection


12 Months : Up to ₹20,000/-

18 Months : Above ₹ 20,000/- to ₹ 30,000/-

24 months : Above ₹ 30,000/- to ₹ 60,000/-

35 Months : Above ₹ 60,000/- to ₹ 1,60,000/-

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